My Encounter with the Devil

Saturday night started off as a normal lovely night.  I had gone to the movies with my friend that day, and picked up dinner from our favorite Meditteranean restaurant Ugarit.  I was in an excellent mood, until I got home and could not find my phone or wallet.  They were gone.  We had stopped to buy water at one of the little supermarkets that are on every street here in Barcelona, so I figured that was where they must have been.  I sprinted back to the store in a panic, and calmly asked the man in the store, in the best Spanish that I could, if he had seen a phone and a wallet.  The man proceeded to stare at me blankly, which is sometimes a common reaction of the workers in stores here.  So I once again attempted to ask, and I was given the same results.  At the same time there was another woman working in the store, who I had asked as well, but she too ignored me and ran off to the back.  I started to get very upset and frustrated by the situation, because I had been to the store only ten minutes before and they were looking at me as though I was an alien at this point.  I asked the man if he could please get the woman back here, so that I could ask her if she had seen my phone or wallet, but once again he ignored me.  This went on for a while, until he finally went downstairs to get the woman to help me..or so I thought.  I was greeted by an enraged Asian woman, who began screaming and cursing at me in Spanish.  I was already scared being alone at night without my phone or wallet, so this did not exactly help my ever growing culture shock.  The woman then took me by my sweatshirt and threw me out of the store.  I  tried begging to her that I was only looking for my belongings, but she was not interested and told me she was going to the call the police and pushed me again.  I finally gave up defeated and crying, terrified after my encounter with this woman or devil, and went on my way home.  I opened the door prepared for a night of depression after what had happened, when my friend ran to me holding my phone and my wallet.  They had been in my bed the entire time.  The moral of the story is to check wayyyy more than I did before leaving the house, and stay away from the woman in the supermarket near Carrer de Bruniquer, because she is evil.


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